The Humio Library

Welcome to the Humio Library

The Humio Library contains plenty of information on Humio software. In the Documentation, you’ll find hundreds of pages on how to install, configure, and get the most out of Humio. You’ll find instructions for sending or ingesting data and on creating alerts. There’s also a Reference section which provides the syntax and examples on the query language and functions. Links to all of these sections can be found in the left margin here or from any page in the Library.

Below are links to each part of the Library. They’re also accessibe from the links in the left margin from anywhere in the Library — click on the headings, or specific sections. The Knowledge Base, though, is a new section we’re developing and is not yet ready. Therefore, it’s not listed in the margin.

If you’re new to Humio, click on the red button at the top right. This will take you to a tutorial that will help you to get started with Humio, which includes instruction to try Humio for free, without installing. Afterwards, you can go to the Humio with Your Data tutorial that will show explain how to try Humio with your data. If you want to learn more, tead through the Foundational Concepts pages in the Training section of the Library.