The email notifier sends alerts as emails.

If you are hosting Humio yourself, you must configure how emails are sent.

This notifier will by default send out a styled email with the most important aspects of an alarm, including a link back into Humio with the result.

Should you want to modify the email, you can do so by checking Use custom email template and filling out the Message Body Template. On cloud we will add a small disclaimer on top of every email to clarify that it is sent as a Humio notifier. On prem customers have the option to enable it themselves, by setting the ALERT_DISCLAIMER environment variable. Custom Email templates are only avaliable for self-hosted and licensed cloud customers. See Notifier Templates for how to use our templates.

Example config for the alert disclaimer:

ALERT_DISCLAIMER=This is an alert from repository/view ${viewName}

${viewName} will be replaced by the name of the view/repository.