Convincing Your Boss

This section explains the benefits Humio provides in business-friendly terms, so you can convince your boss that it is the right observability platform for your organization.

Humio is flexible

Regardless of the log management challenge, chances are Humio can fit in with your existing infrastructure. Humio supports a wide variety of sources for data ingestion, including Logstash (and its 100+ compatible log readers), Filebeat, Fluentd, NetFlow, and direct ingest using our built-in HTTP API.

If there isn’t an existing way to parse your data, then the Humio team can easily write a custom parser for you as part of the on-boarding process.

When everything is ready to go, you can deploy Humio easily on your own servers or cloud infrastructure. Alternatively, you can let the Humio team take care of the infrastructure in a secure hosted solution. We make as many options available as possible to ensure you get the log management solution you are looking for.

Humio is real time

Unlike other systems, Humio provides near instantaneous answers to business questions, saving both time and money. Humio takes principles developed in the world of high-frequency financial trading software and applies them to log management and analysis.

The result is an amazingly fast, agile, flexible tool that provides a significant increase in performance.

Humio’s speed let’s you develop explorative analytics. This means you don’t need to define search terms up-front. You can make queries and perform data extraction at any time.

Humio is easy to learn and deploy

Log analysis is normally a complex task. It usually involves connecting lots of different, incompatible systems to a single platform, then becoming an expert in a particular query language before you can get any useful value from the system.

Humio is different, because it comes with a friendly web interface allowing you to try out different queries, building them up to get the insights you are looking for, so you can get to the heart of the problem in a matter of seconds.

Humio also let’s you create simple dashboards you can publish key metrics in a way non-technical users can easily understand. This reduces training and set-up expenses, and lets a wider variety of users take advantage of the power of big data.

Humio is also easy to deploy. We provide self-contained Docker images for deployment on your on-premises or cloud infrastructure, or your can let the Humio team take care of the hosting and management in a hosted solution.

Humio is scalable

We designed Humio to scale to deal with huge volumes of data without breaking a sweat (or your wallet).

Our licensing model lets you choose the scale of solution that fits your needs. We price the system using an annual subscription rate based on the amount of data that you plan to ingest per day.

The Humio team stands behind the product, and can advise on the best deployment model for your use case.

Humio is smart

Unlike other platforms, we designed Humio from the ground up to solve real business problems such as service monitoring, troubleshooting, user analytics, and visualization of key metrics. The effect is that Humio provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for log analysis - a unified tool that can be used by every team in a huge variety of scenarios.

Humio includes an advanced query language that lets you drill down to exactly the data you want. It is easy to learn, and provides you with the freedom to ‘slice and dice’ the data in real time, whenever you want.