Reverse Proxy Setup

From version 1.13.0 and up, Humio requires no special handling when behind a reverse proxy. Humio will internally distribute queries to Humio nodes.

Before version 1.13.0, a reverse proxy in front of Humio should select a host based on the Humio-Query-Session header set by the Humio UI. The way the actual host is selected can be arbitrary, as long as requests with the same Humio-Query-Session will be routed to the same host. The Web UI will set the value of the Humio-Query-Session header to the same value for identical queries. This ensures that identical queries started by two or more users or dashboards share the same search internally.

Before version 1.13.0, the above load balancing could be used to ensure that only a specified set of nodes become query coordinators. From version 1.13.0 and up, this must instead be done by setting the environment variable QUERY_COORDINATOR to false on nodes that should not be query coordinators.

It is important that the proxy does not rewrite URLs, when forwarding to Humio.

Example configurations