Authenticating with a Proxy

Make Humio use the username provided by a HTTP proxy.

If you have a “reverse proxy” in front of Humio, and that proxy has a way of knowing a proper username or user email or other unique user identifier, you can let the proxy decide what username the user gets access as inside Humio. This is one way to accomplish single sign-on in certain configurations.

Make sure Humio is not accessible without passing through the proxy, as direct access to the Humio server in this configuration allows anyone to assume any identity in Humio.

Configure using:


The proxy must add a header with the username of the end user in the specified header. If the proxy leaves the header blank, the user does not get authenticated, and can thus only access e.g. shared dashboards

Please note, that Humio uses the “Authentication” header as transport from the browser to the Humio backend in this case too. It is thus not possible to use a proxy that also uses this header. This rules out using e.g.