Humio Documentation

This part of the Humio Library documents the latest version of Humio software, as well as provides information on related tools. It can also include information on features available in upcoming versions of Humio that haven’t been released yet. For such text, the new version number is noted.

Below are links to key, popular section of the Humio Documentation. There are corresponding links in the left margin, as well as all sections of the Documentation. The margin links are accessible from any page in the Library. To return to this page, click on the heading, Documentation.

For resolving problems you might have with Humio software, you can also check our Knowledge Base. There you will find troubleshooting and best practices articles on Humio and related software. You can also post questions on the Humio Community Slack channel. The community, as well as our staff monitor and respond to posts made there.

If you need more immediate and personalized assistance, you can submit a Support request with us at Humio. If you’re already a Support client, you can check on outstanding requests by signing into Support.