Creating Dashboards

Dashboards contain widgets and notes from searches. From here, you can view the various widgets, filter the data, or use parameters to drill down to more specific results.

You can create dashboards if you have the “Administer Dashboards” permissions on the repository or view.

There are two ways to create a dashboard

  1. Create a new dashboard from the Dashboards screen

  2. Create a widget and new dashboard at the same time

Create a new dashboard from the Dashboards screen

  1. Select a View or Repo from the main page. Selecting a repo or view from the main page

  2. You are now on the Search screen. Click Dashboards from the main menu. Selecting the Dashboards screen from the menu

  3. Click the Add Dashboard button. Click the Add Dashboard button

  4. Select the way you want to create your new dashboard. You can create an empty dashboard, clone an existing dashboard, or create a dashboard from a template. In order to create a dashboard from a template, you must export a previously created dashboard as a template. Click the Add Dashboard button

Create a Widget and Dashboard Simultaneously

  1. Run a query on the search page

This will automatically select the Time Chart widget type, and you can style the widget by clicking Style on the left side of the screen. query of hostname timechart

  1. Click Save as… and select Dashboard Widget. Save As button

  2. This will bring up a dialog asking which dashboard to add the widget. You also have the option of creating a new dashboard that the current widget will be included in. It is important to note that the active search interval used on the search page is saved along with the widget and will be the on dashboard. dialogue for new widget and dashboard