Integrations are systems, platforms, software applications, open source products and standards that are supported by Humio. Humio’s API model can be used for custom integrations. See the API Documentation for information on this.

Supported integrations are categorized by use case and by platform. If there is a specific integration you are interested in that is not available here contact us.

These integrations include a selection of software libraries, which can be used to integrate with Humio from a variety of programming languages.


Below are the same list of utilities, applications, and systems that may be integrated with Humio, but grouped by the type of usage.

Authentication Data Shippers Platform or Ingest Log Format
Active Directory Federation Services Filebeat Amazon CloudWatch
Auth0 FluentD Azure Service Fabric
Azure Active Directory Logstash Docker
BitBucket Metricbeat Heroku
Duo Security Packetbeat Kafka Connect
GitHub Rsyslog Kubernetes
Okta StatsD Linux
PingFederate NetFlow Vector
SAML Winlogbeat Nginx Logs
Deployment Security & Incident Management Send Humio Data
AWS Bucket Storage Corelight AWS S3 Archiving
Amazon MSK OpsGenie Export to AWS Bucket
Caddy Reverse Proxy PagerDuty Export to Google Cloud Bucket
Bucket Storage Postmark Grafana
MinIO Slack Prometheus
Nginx Reverse Proxy Tines
Nomad VictorOps
Software Libraries
JS Browser