Please note that no future development of this integration is planned at this time. We strongly recommend using the log forwarding mechanism provided by D2IQ

This is a Mesos framework for shipping Mesos tasks logs to Humio, both self-hosted and cloud. The main features of this integration are

  • Installing Filebeat and Metricbeats on all nodes in a Mesos or DC/OS cluster
  • Tag log events with relevant fields before shipped to Humio

Getting started

First of all we recommend going through the Task configuration section and at least add a HUMIO_IGNORE label to tasks that you do not want to end up in Humio. All other logs, in stdout and stderr are by default forwarded to Humio

At this point two ways of deploying the framework is supported * Universe package * Marathon config


Configuration parameters for user of the dcos CLI tool

Property Description Hostname of Humio instance
humio.dataspace Repository on Humio instance (Repositories were previously called Dataspaces)
humio.ingestToken Ingest Token of Repository DC/OS service name
node.cpus Amount of CPUs allocated to Humio agents on each node
node.mem Amount of memory allocated to Humio agents on each node
node.datadir Directory path for storing state on each node. Default is /var/humio/data


The minimum recommended Marathon configuration should look something like this.

  "id": "humio-agent",
  "instances": 1,
  "cpus": 0.5,
  "mem": 512,
  "cmd": "SERVER_PORT=$PORT0 jre*/bin/java -Xms256m -Xmx512m -jar scheduler-*.jar",
  "networks": [
      "mode": "host"
  "portDefinitions": [
      "name": "api",
      "protocol": "tcp",
      "port": 0,
      "labels": { "VIP_0": "/api.humio-agent:80" }
  "env": {
    "SPRING_APPLICATION_NAME": "humio-agent",
    "HUMIO_HOST": "{{}}",
    "HUMIO_DATASPACE": "{{humio.dataspace}}",
    "HUMIO_INGESTTOKEN": "{{humio.ingestToken}}",
    "HUMIO_EXECUTOR_DATADIR": "/var/humio/data",
  "labels": {
  "uris": [
  "upgradeStrategy": {
    "minimumHealthCapacity": 0,
    "maximumOverCapacity": 0
  "healthChecks": [
      "protocol": "HTTP",
      "path": "/application/health",
      "gracePeriodSeconds": 900,
      "intervalSeconds": 10,
      "portIndex": 0,
      "timeoutSeconds": 30,
      "maxConsecutiveFailures": 0

Don’t forget to replace {{humio.[host|dataspace|ingestToken]}} as explained in Universe

Task configuration

Configuration of tasks is managed through Mesos Task Labels. All labels are optional.

Label name Allowed value Description
HUMIO_IGNORE true If set to true the agent will ignore the logs
HUMIO_TYPE string Humio parser name
HUMIO_MULTILINE_PATTERN regex Label for the multiline.pattern
HUMIO_MULTILINE_NEGATE true,false Label for the multiline.negate
HUMIO_MULTILINE_MATCH before,after Label for the multiline.match

For multiline configuration see the multiline section in the Filebeat documentation.

Log fields

The agent will add the following fields to each log entry

Field name Description
mesos_framework_slave_id Mesos slave id
mesos_framework_id Mesos framework id
mesos_framework_name Mesos framework name
mesos_task_id Mesos task id
mesos_service_id For DC/OS deployments, the agent will provide a DC/OS service name

Known limitations

  • At this state only logs from the private agents are being forwarded to Humio. humio/dcos2humio#8
  • Only stdout and stderr logs are harvested from tasks

Road map

  • Forward DC/OS metrics.