Service Fabric

Humio integrates with Azure Service Fabric. The integration differentiates between:

  1. Service Fabric Platform Events that communicate key operational activities happening within a cluster.

  2. Applications running on a Service Fabric cluster. E.g. .NET core applications using Serilog.

Both types are made available for searching and analysis in Humio.

Refer to the detailed guide for setting up an integration. The following provides a summary.

Platform Events

Service Fabric Platform events are available as an Event Tracing provider on Windows. As part of the integration a Windows Service using the Eventflow library is made available. Properly configured the service will send platform events to Humio for further analysis.

Application logs

The detailed guide contains a solution for configuring .NET applications with Serilog and Humio. Humio provides a built-in Serilog parser that works together with the suggested configuration. Filebeat is used for shipping the logs to Humio.