Humio supports PagerDuty alerts through our Notifier system.

To create a PagerDuty Notifier, you will create a Service in your PagerDuty Account. You need to have administrative privileges in PagerDuty.

You do that by performing the following steps:

  1. Open Configuration > Services > Add New Service.
  2. Give your service a name, such as “Humio”.
  3. Under **Integration Settings__ select “Humio” in the tools dropdown.
  4. Leave the rest as default and Add Service.
  5. Take note of the Integration Key as we’ll be using that in Humio when setting up the notifier.

Back in Humio, proceed with the following steps

  1. Open the Repo or View for which you want to configure a notifier.
  2. Select Alerts > Notifiers > New Notifier.
  3. In the Notifier Type dropdown select PagerDuty.
  4. Give the Notifier a name, like “PagerDuty Critical”.
  5. Paste the integration key from PagerDuty into the PagerDuty Integration Key field.
  6. Select Create Notifier.

Your PagerDuty notifier is now fully configured and ready to use.

You can create multiple PagerDuty notifiers if you have multiple alerting channels.

Next, you might want to configure an Alert.

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