Introducing Humio

Try Humio Humio is powerful and extremely useful for system administrators. It provides a fast, but flexible platform for logs and server metrics. With Humio Cloud, your log entries and other metrics are sent to your own private, secure repository. It requires no installation. You’ll then use the Humio web interface to analyze your data, and to create alerts to let you know when events occur or parameters are exceeded.

Instead of using Humio Cloud, you can install Humio on your own server — although the Humio Cloud is much easier. You’d still use the Humio web interface with the same capabilities to monitor all of your servers and clusters. You just wouldn’t have the convenience of Humio staff’s updating and maintaining the software.

Before deciding whether to use Humio, though, we recommend you try it first. You can do this easily by using Humio Cloud with some sample data — it’s free to try and takes no more than fifteen minutes. Afterwards, if you like what you see, you can then try to use your temporary Humio Cloud account with your own log data — still in a test enviroment and for free and without any commitment. Just click on the Try Humio button above to learn more about getting started.