The Humio Knowledge Base

The Humio Knowledge (KB) is not yet launched. When it’s ready, it will contain information on resolving problems and improving use of Humio and related software. Here you’ll find troubleshooting articles and best practices articles.

The KB is different from the Humio Documentation, which explains in detail how to install, configure, deploy and administer Humio software. In essence, the Documentation is how to use Humio assuming everything goes according to plan; the KB is for when things don’t go as expected or when they could be better.

KB articles will be organized first by two categories: troubleshooting and best practices articles. Below is a description of each.


The Troubleshooting section of the Humio Knowledge Base contains information on resolving problems you might experience with Humio. It includes articles on how to diagnose and address various problems with installing and configuring Humio and related software. It also includes problems with ingesting and querying data.

Best Practices

This section of the KB provides information and guidance on improving the performance of a Humio and optimizing configuration of on premise installations of Humio. It also will help with getting the most from Humio Cloud.

In addition to this KB, you can also post questions on the Humio Community Slack channel. The community, as well as our staff monitor and respond to posts made there. If you need more immediate and personalized assistance, you can submit a Support request with us at Humio. If you’re already a Support client, you can check on outstanding requests by signing into Support.