Humio Troubleshooting

This is the Troubleshooting section of the Humio Knowledge Base (KB). Since we’re still developing the KB, it’s not yet launched.

When the Humio KB is ready, this sub-section will contain information on resolving problems you might experience with Humio software. It will include articles on how to diagnose and address various trouble you may experience with Humio. For articles related to performance and other ways to improve usage of Humio software, see the Best Practices section of the Humio KB.

In addition to this KB, you can also post questions on the Humio Community Slack channel. The community, as well as our staff monitor and respond to posts made there. If you need more immediate and personalized assistance, you can submit a Support request with us at Humio. If you’re already a Support client, you can check on outstanding requests by signing into Support.

A Menu Item in the Humio User Interface is Missing.

We have had reports of browser extensions such as “uBlock Origin” and other plugins that modify the page remove or hide parts of the UI. Try disabling the plugin(s) on your browser if you suspect something is wrong. And please notify the Humio team when it happens, as we can likely change the specific element in the Humio page to not get filtered.

Why is the Event Grid Flickering?

We have seen issues with browser extensions such as Full Page Screenshot making the grid flicker in and out of existence. Try disabling your browser extensions and see if the issue still occurs.