Humio Notices

In this section of the Humio Library, you will find information on each release of Humio software. You’ll also find security disclosures and information on software licenses. Below are brief descriptions of each of these sections. Click on a heading of a section to see more information.

Release Notes

When we publish new releases of Humio software, we post in this section notes on what’s changed: new features, bugs fixed, etc. These notes can include warnings about whether data will need to be migrated, or some change of which you will need to be aware, a change that might affect your installation of Humio.

Security Disclosures

With a changing technology environment, we occasionally have to make changes to the Humio software related to security. We may sometimes learn of a breach in our security or of a security vulnerability in Humio software. For all of these possibilities, this section has been set up for you to be able to learn more information about them, as they happen. We’ll also leave them there in case you’re using an older version of Humio or just want to know the history.

Third-Party Licenses

Humio software either includes or requires a variety of software produced by other organizations. Therefore, in fairness to those organizations and for your convenience, we list them and provide links to their license agreements and notices for you to read and consider.

You can also find the links to these notice sections in the left margin, regardless of where you are in the Library.