concatArray( ) Query Function

Concatenates the values of all fields with the same name and an array suffix into a value in a new field. Such array fields typically come as output from either parseJson or splitString.

All array fields starting with index from and ending with index to are selected. If some index is missing, the concatenation stops with the previous index, thus if only index 0, 1 and 3 are present, only index 0 and 1 are concatenated. If the first index is missing, no field is added to the event.


Name Type Required Default Description
field string Yes Base name for array fields to concatenate.
as string No _concatArray Name of output field.
from number No 0 First array index to include [0..∞].
to number No Last array index to include (leave out to get all). Must be equal to or larger than from.
prefix string No Prefix to prepend to the generated string.
separator string No Separator between values.
suffix string No Suffix to append to the generated string.

field is the unnamed parameter.


Concatenate the values of fields server[0], server[1] and so on and put it into a new field named _concatArray.


Put the result into a field named servers.

concatArray(server, as=servers)

Select only fields with indexes 1 to 3.

concatArray(server, from=1, to=3)

Add a separator between concatenated values.

concatArray(server, separator=", ")

Add a prefix and suffix to the generated string.

concatArray(server, prefix="[", suffix="]")