percentile( ) Query Function

Calculates percentiles over numbers. It works on non-negative input values. Returns one event with a field for each of the percentiles specified in the percentiles parameter. Fields are named like by appending _ to the values specified in the percentiles parameter. For example the event could contain the fields _50, _75 and _99.


Name Type Required Default Description
field string Yes Specifies the field for which to calculate percentiles. The field must contain numbers
percentiles [number] No [50, 75, 99] Specifies which percentiles to calculate. An example is [50, 75, 99]
as string No prefix of output fields
accuracy number No 0.001 Relative accuracy (0 .. 1), defaults to 0.001

field is the unnamed parameter.


Calculate 50 75 99 and 99.9 percentiles for events with the field responsetime.

percentile(field=responsetime, percentiles=[50, 75, 99, 99.9])

In a timechart, calculate percentiles for both of the fields r1 and r2.