Network & Location Query Functions

Humio’s query functions take a set of events, parameters, or configurations; and produce, reduce, or modify values within that set, or within the events themselves within the query pipeline.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Humio query functions related to networking and locations. For more information on a particular query function, click on it.

Function Description
asn( ) Determines autonomous system (AS) number and organization associated with a given IP address.
cidr( ) Filters events using CIDR subnets.
geohash( ) Calculates a geohash value given two fields representing latitude and longitude.
ipLocation( ) Determines country, city, longitude, and latitude for given IP address.
parseUrl( ) Extracts URL components from a field.
shannonEntropy( ) Calculates a entropy measure from a string of characters.
subnet( ) Computes a subnet from a IPV4 field.
urlDecode( ) URL-decodes the contents of a string field.
urlEncode( ) URL-encodes the contents of a string field.