Parsing Query Functions

Humio’s query functions take a set of events, parameters, or configurations; and produce, reduce, or modify values within that set, or within the events themselves within the query pipeline.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Humio query functions for parsing fields. For more information on a particular query function, click on it.

Function Description
kvParse( ) Key-value parse events.
parseCEF( ) Parses CEF version 0.x encoded messages.
parseCsv( ) Parses a CSV-encoded field into known columns.
parseFixedWidth( ) Parses a fixed width-encoded field into known columns.
parseHexString( ) Parses input from hex encoded bytes, decoding resulting bytes as a string.
parseInt( ) Converts an integer from any radix or base to base-ten, decimal radix.
parseJson( ) Parses specified fields as JSON.
parseLEEF( ) Parses LEEF version 1.0 and 2.0 encoded messages.
parseTimestamp( ) Parses a string into a timestamp.
parseUrl( ) Extracts URL components from a field.
parseXml( ) Parses specified field as XML.
split( ) Splits an event structure created by json array into distinct events.