Releases Overview

This page provides a description of our release cycle and is intended for users of self-hosted versions of Humio. You’ll find information on what our release version numbering is intended to convey along with other information that you can use to help inform decisions around when to update your installation.

Release Notes

If you’re looking for release notes, they’re available at the following locations:

Version Numbering

We follow a versioning technique that is similar to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH numbering convention that’s used by Semantic Versioning. These are defined as:

  • MAJOR — Primarily for Marketing purposes, but would include high-profile changes.
  • MINOR — All new features or new functionality. Unlike Semantic Versioning, we allow backwards incompatible changes, such as changing compression algorithms.
  • PATCH — Only backwards-compatible security or bug fixes are allowed. No new features or other, unrelated code changes are allowed. This is important, as it means that each patch release should be more stable than the last.

It’s worth noting that the criteria above primarily applies to stable releases. Preview releases will introduce changes typically expected in patch releases. See the Preview / Stable Releases section below for more information.

Preview / Stable Releases

Humio publishes new releases on a fairly quick schedule to get new features out to you as quickly as possible. This can sometimes result in some instability, so we have adopted an odd (preview)/even (stable) versioning system to better communicate how stable a release is expected to be.

As features are developed, an odd release series (where the minor version number is odd) will be available containing these new features. While these releases are intended to be usable, there is a chance that problems could arise. These will typically be as stable as releases prior to 1.7.0 have been historically. New features and other changes will be introduced as patch releases for any odd/preview release series. Once the features have been tested sufficiently, that preview series will be released as a new stable version.