Event List

The Event List widget is meant to display events as they are ingested into Humio. It is the default visualization on the search page for events.

Input Format

Field Type Description
@id string I meta field automatically generated by Humio for all events.
@timestamp datetime The timestamp of the events is used to order events in the list.
@rawstring string The content of the line. Usually this value is automatically assigned during parsing.


The event list is the main way of exploring event in Humio. By selecting items in the list you can inspect all fields of the event in the inspection panel. The inspection panel contains buttons to quickly drill down the data.

The event list will as many results as returned by the Humio server which defaults to the 200 most recent events of the search interval. You can increase this my using the tail function, e.g. tail(1000) , but this can cause performance issues in the UI if too elements have to be rendered.

Keyboard Navigation

You can use the keyboard to navigate the event. alt-ctrl-down and alt-ctrl-up will move the selection up and down the list, while displaying the fields in the inspection panel.